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Activities Assistant

Activity Assistants facilitates recreation programs based on patient/resident interests, preferences and desires; promotes involvement in recreational groups; provides input into the design of activity programs; motivates and engages patients/residents during group and individual activities; accurately completes assigned documentation; assists in transporting patients/residents to and from activity programs.

Annual Salary Range

Activities Director

The Activity Director is responsible for directing the development, implementation, supervision and ongoing evaluation of the activities program. This includes scheduling activities, both individual and groups, implementing and/or delegating implementation of these programs, monitoring and evaluating the response to the programs to determine if the activities meet the assessed needs of the resident. The Activity Director also completes all required documentation timely and accurately; motivates and engages patients/residents during individual and group activities; provides ongoing communication with families and community organizations; stays abreast of Federal, State and local requirement and regulations regarding activity programming; contributes as part of the interdisciplinary team.

Education & Experience*:
An Activity Director must be eligible for certification as a therapeutic recreation specialist or as an activities professional by a recognized accrediting body on or after October 1, 1990; or have 2 years of experience in a social or recreational program within the last 5 years, one of which was full-time in a therapeutic activities program; or is a qualified occupational therapist or occupational therapy assistant; or has completed a training course approved by the State (if applicable).

*Actual requirements may vary depending on the facility.

Annual Salary Range

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