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Therapy Positions

Therapy Positions

  • Physical Therapists provide rehabilitative care to residents recovering from injuries or medical events.  Therapists train patients in the use of assistive equipment, and design exercise programs to increase strength and mobility.  
  • Occupational Therapists help residents regain the strength and mobility they need to resume normal activities at home, such as bathing, shopping and preparing meals.
  • Speech Therapists evaluate and treat speech and swallowing problems with the goal of restoring speech and language abilities.

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Annual Salary Range

Director of Rehabilitation Services

A Director of Rehabilitation Services directs the programs and staff of the rehabilitation services department. They set and implement guidelines for rehabilitation programs such as physical therapy, occupational therapy, and speech therapy and assign patients to staff therapists for treatment and reviews residents’ progress. The director of rehabilitation also communicates results of resident care to other services and departments.

Education & Experience*: A Director of Rehabilitation Services must meet all of the same education and certification requirements as a rehabilitation therapist.

*Actual requirements may vary depending on the facility.

Annual Salary Range

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