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Social Services

Social Workers work with prospective residents and their families to ensure that the admissions process runs smoothly.  They continue to be involved in the planning and ongoing needs of each resident.  The Director of Social Services is responsible for ensuring that the social, psychological and physical needs of all residents in the nursing facility are being met. They provide counseling and social services to residents and their families. The social services director participates in interdisciplinary team meetings and provides information on an individual resident’s psychosocial condition. For information on how to become a licensed social worker, click here.

Education & Experience*:

  • Social workers who work within a facility must be licensed through the state of Massachusetts. If social services are provided by a social worker with a bachelor’s degree, the facility must have a written agreement for social work consultation and supervision from a social worker with a master’s degree.

  • Skills: The nursing home social worker must have skills in communication, assessment and social work methods and techniques. He/she should be able to work effectively with a variety of disciplines in an individual and team setting. He/she should have a working understanding of social systems along with the ability to implement pertinent state and federal regulations. For information click here.

*Actual requirements may vary depending on the facility.

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